Neon Pink and Neon Green Nail Art Designs

Women, being multitasker, need to allocate time for each and everything 24/7. Be it a household chores,work at office or any task,we are always equipped with our precious time. For those who love nail art like me,here are few nail designs with neon pink and neon green to keep our nails elegant and impressive in our hectic schedule of life with the help of our creativity and patience.

Pink and green Nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs

Jungle Nail Art Design

Materials Required
Nail Polish – Matte White, Neon Pink and Neon Green Colored Rhinestones
Top Coat
Nail Art Pen – Black Method

This is one of the ideal and easy nail art designs.
1. Apply two coats of the matte white nail polish to all your fingernails and allow it to dry well.
2. After it has dried, apply the neon pink on the  lower half of the nail corner, making half circle.
3. Apply neon green nail paint on the upper half diagonally opposite to neon pink.
4. Apply 2 coats and allow it to dry.
5. Now, Outline the half circles with black nail art pen. Draw 3 tiny strokes inside both the half circles.
6. Then, apply 1 coat of top coat and place the different colored rhinestones in the middle of both the half circles, in a diagonally vertical, horizontal or straight line.
7. Apply again 1 top coat to secure the rhinestones and let it dry well.
Pink and Green nail art designs

Here are few more pink and green nail art designs you can paint on your nails. You can try Nail art tutorials available online.

Pink and Green nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs
Pink and Green nail art designs
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